Biogas plants – Producing electricity and heat decentralized

 Enspar Biogas - Biogas plants... from one sourceFVB



 Beiersdorf 370 kW 


ENSPAR Biogas - delivery of complete biogas plants
or parts (... stainless steel digesters, mixer, CHP ...etc.)


Biogas plant with stainless steel digester and pre-storage!


Agencys in USA, Asia, Slovenia , Lithuania, France, Greece ...etc.

Scope of supply

  • Biogasplants – compact or classic
      starting with 7 kWel  . . .  up to megawatt
      using renewable substrates from the fields or ..
      organic waste and offal
  • Waste water treatment
  • Stainless Steel Digesters
  • Components
      Pasteurization units
      Drying units
      Digestate processing
      Separation units
  • Consulting

 EXTERNAL Heat Exchangers for biogas plants, for heating up, additional heat, thermophilic use etc. ...., usable for hygienisation systems!